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About Pilates

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a highly refined form of physical exercise that uses mat exercises, as well as work with specialised equipment and machines. Future Form is a comprehensive and fully equipped Pilates studio that offers Pilates Mat, Pilates Machine, Pilates Stick and Maternity Pilates classes.

Benefits of Pilates

The benefits of Pilates are numerous: improvement of inner core strength, greater flexibility, longer and leaner muscles, improved breathing, heightened and straightened posture, better balance, greater body control and awareness, improved stamina, greater elegance of corporal movement...In a nutshell, Pilates will make you stronger, slimmer, taller, fitter, more graceful and more confident!

Joseph Pilates & Origins

In his formative years, Joseph Pilates was a German boxer, wrestler and circus performer. An obsessive visionary in the field of Sports Science and physical preparation, Pilates emigrated to New York in 1925, where he set-up a studio with his wife Clara, teaching what would originally be called "Contrology".


After setting up in New York, the Joseph's "Contrology" exercises first caught on with the city's dancers - most notably the legendary dancer and choreographer Martha Graham, who greatly appreciated the improved stamina and strength obtained through Pilates exercises. The popularity of the method would continue to grow over the following decades, with studios and disciples of Joseph Pilates bringing the benefits of his eponymous method, first to the rest of America, and eventually to the world.

Balanced Body University & Pilates Today

Since its conception in the 1920s, Pilates has modernised and improved considerably in line with evolutions in Sports Science and fitness practice. Here at Future Form, our foundation in Pilates technique derives from the methodology developed by the Balanced Body University, one of the best known and respected comprehensive Pilates training programmes operating in the world today, from which Future Form's Owner and Principal Teacher Jenny Backlund-Jenkins is a graduate.

Are you a Pilates Teacher?

Future Form is currently looking for Pilates teachers. If you have a comprehensive Pilates education and are looking for work in the Nice area, then please get in touch. Also, if you are a teacher or studio owner based elsewhere and are looking to network or are interested in organising a Pilates retreat or workshop at Future Form, then we would be pleased to hear from you.