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What is Ballet Form?™

Ballet Form ™ is Future Form's very own barre method, which, for the uninitiated, means that it is a hybrid discipline, fusing elements of Pilates, classical ballet, barre à terre and stretching exercises. The result in a class which is at once dynamic, controlled and elegant.

Where does Ballet Form™ come from?

Ballet Form™ has been developed exclusively for Future Form over a period of several years by Jenny Backlund-Jenkins, who has drawn extensively on her background as a classically trained dancer and comprehensive Pilates instructor to forge a discipline that prizes the virtues of good posture and balance, improved flexibility, strengthening of the core muscles and expression of movement in the classical dance sense.

What does a typical class consist of?

A typical Ballet Form class lasts 55 minutes, is carried out to music (contemporary latin-jazz fusion) and you don’t need a dance background to do it. A class consists of simple classical ballet movements, which are elaborated to make use of Pilates equipment such as the magic circle, elasticated straps and gym balls, as well as floor exercises, which combine Pilates mat, Ballet Form à terre and stretching exercises.

What makes Ballet Form™ Special?

By allowing you to release your inner ballerina, Ballet Form™ will make you leaner, stronger and more confident and graceful in your posture and movement.

Can I do Ballet Form™?

Yes! You don't need a dance background to do Ballet Form™ classes, and our personalised approach means that the teacher will always be on hand to help you push your boundaries, while ensuring that your workout retains its physical and technical integrity.