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Pilates Machine at Future Form

Pilates machine classes provide the ultimate exercise solution for improvement of breathing, core strength, posture, balance and flexibility. Meticulous in terms of teaching methodology, Future Form offers a contemporary style of Pilates, using apparatus invented by Joseph H. Pilates himself and modernised to perfection by the world-renowned Balanced Body University. Our expert group of teachers, led by Jenny Backlund-Jenkins, all have comprehensive Pilates machine teaching qualifications and credentials.

All Pilates machine classes are available at Future Form as group classes (up to 5 people) or as private classes (1 or 2 people).


Probably the most well-known of all of the Pilates apparatus, the reformer is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment, offering a broad range of exercises of varying difficulty. Using a movable carriage, springs, a footbar and adjustable leather straps, the reformer provides exercises which address virtually every part of the body, from leg presses, to abdominals, to arm work and standing work.

Future Form has four Balanced Body studio reformers with tower, as well as one straight studio reformer, allowing up to five students at a time to benefit from reformer group classes using these truly exquisite and market leading machines.


The Cadillac, also commonly known as the Trapeze or Trap Table, was first developed by Joseph Pilates when he was working as an orderly in a military hospital during the First World War. He wanted to help the soldiers in their rehabilitation, so transformed the metal frames of hospital beds into exercise machines for the war wounded.

A highly versatile piece of equipment, the Cadillac is both ideal for teaching beginners the very basics of Pilates, and also for providing very athletic all body exercises for more advanced students.

Our stunning, top of the range Balanced Body Cadillac is available for solo private classes only.


Originally christened the "Wunda Chair" by Joseph Pilates, this apparatus, consisting of a seat, foot pedals hand bars (for some models) and springs to adjust strength of resistance, is supremely effective in delivering intense and targeted muscle strengthening and stabilising exercises - especially for the upper body, making it a very popular apparatus with athletes.

Future form has four Balanced Body Exo chairs, plus one top of the range Banced Body Combo chair (which can also be used in conjunction with our Cadillac), meaning that chair sessions may be conducted as machine collective classes (up to 5 people), or as private solo or duo machine classes.


Tower exercises are some of the most stretch-focused of the Pilates discipline, placing emphasis on lengthening the spine and opening the hips, with the aim of achieving a more elevated posture and improving agility.

Each of our four Balanced Body Studio Reformers, as well as on our Cadillac, are equipped with towers, meaning that tower exercises can be included in Pilates machine group classes, as well as private solo and duo classes Pilates machine classes.


Pilates Stick is a unique and highly effective form of Pilates collective class that makes use of ballet barres, elasticated rope, roll-down bars and loops. The beauty of this setup is that it enables students to replicate several of the movements which can only otherwise be achieved on a cadillac or wall-unit.

Pilates Machine Privates

Private machine classes offer a 100% personalised workout experience, tailored to your exact physical goals and unparallelled in terms of effectiveness and sophistication. Privates are available as solos (1 person) and as duos (two people) and are strongly recommended for people with specialised aims, such as rehabilitation related to a physical condition or injury (arthritis, osteoporosis, back problems, muscle & tendon injuries, pregnancy...), or for athletes and dancers in need of targeted training.