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Core Strength

Pilates mat classes form the basis of the Pilates discipline at Future Form. These classes will improve your core strength, flexibility, posture, balance and breathing and are accessible to people of varying ages, levels and physical conditions.

A Class for Every Level

Like many other physical disciplines, Pilates mat classes are divided into different categories according to level - mat 1 (beginner), mat 2 (intermediate) & mat 3 (advanced). This structure allows you to find your comfort zone and then to push your boundaries as your physique and technique improves.

Personalised Approach, Optimal Results

Our Pilates mat class sizes are smaller than in all mainstream fitness establishments, meaning our comprehensively qualified Pilates teachers will be able to give you the detailed instruction and attention that you deserve.

The Highest Quality Equipment

Along with our exquisitely thick and robust Pilates mats, classes also incorporate the use of other Pilates tools, like Magic circles, rollers and gym balls of various sizes. Sustained use of such high quality, specialised equipment helps you to achieve profound physical results.