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Yoga At Future Form Nice

Future Form has regular yoga classes right in the centre of Nice, offering a range of styles, from the meditation and relaxation of nidra, to the fully engaged dynamism of vinyasa, we cater for the tastes of all yogis.

Pay on a class-by-class basis, or with one of our fantastic multi-class or membership deals. We are regularly adding new classes and events to our yoga schedule, so check back here from time-to-time to discover what's new on the programme.

Thanks to our magnificent facilities and inspiring teachers, our yoga classes will strengthen your body and your mind, leaving you revitalised, centred and ready to face the outside world with a fresh and clear mind.

Future Form - Yoga Studio in Nice

Vinyasa Yoga

In a vinyasa yoga class, breathing and movement are intimately synchronised in a way that allows fluid transitions between postures. This approach makes vinyasa a dynamic, energetic style of yoga, where the objective is to attain a heightened state of precision in movement consciousness.

Hatha Yoga

In comparison to vinyasa, hatha yoga classes focus more on concentration and relaxation techniques; the objective being to achieve a physical and mental balance that incorporates both states of high energy and relaxation - a balance that is key to the foundation of a health of body and harmony of mind.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is a gracious, exhilarating and truly joyful discipline that is open to everyone. Aerial yoga is carried-out while suspended in a hammock that is specially designed for this purpose, with classes containing a fusion of classical yoga postures, adapted especially for aerial practice, as well as movements and exercises that are unique to aerial yoga. Aerial yoga helps the student to experience a range of sensations that are unique to exercising in weightlessness, and regular practitioners will enjoy improved strength, agility and coordination.

Yoga Privates

Future Form provides private yoga classes in several styles (Hatha, Integral, Alignment, Vinyasa) and in several different languages (English, French, Russian, German, Swedish, Finnish). So if you are looking for private yoga classes in Nice, please contact us for more information on the various possibilities on offer.

Looking for a Space to Teach Yoga?

Future Form is always on the lookout for new and dynamic yoga teachers, so if you are looking for a beautiful, spacious and fully-equipped yoga studio in the centre of Nice to teach regular classes or for your workshop or retreat, then please drop us a line.