Autumn is here, and perfect time to boost your energy by resetting your digestive system. If you have been thinking about doing a juice cleanse but don’t know where to begin, join us at Future Form’s Wellness Saturday on Saturday, 4 October for a Be Juice Autumn Juice Cleanse kick off. You are free to choose how many days you would like to do the juice cleanse, but you must submit your order for juices by Wednesday, 1 October, and pick up your juices on Saturday 4 October at Future Form’s Wellness Day.  You will be part of a group of people who are doing the juice cleanse, so we will all support each other and incorporate some pampering activities such as massage, yoga, and pilates.

At the Wellness Day, we will offer a mini-workshop on juice cleansing where you will learn the benefits, what to expect and how to reinstate solid foods to your diet afterwards.  You don’t need to purchase juices to participate in this workshop.

***Please plan to start your actual cleanse on Sunday, 5 October.

 Particpants in Wellness Day can benefit from 10% discount on the purchase of the juices.

 To place an order for the juices, contact Be Juice at or call 06 71 48 24 01. For details about what you get in a juice cleanse, please visit www.

For more information about Juice Cleansing, visit:


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