This June, Future Form will have the honour of hosting Madeline Black, the internationally respected leader in movement and exercise education, for a truly exceptional two day masterclass. The course will run over the weekend of 20th-21st June 2015, with two full day, six hour workshops, and will be open exclusively to Pilates, Gyrotonic and Yoga teachers. 

The Saturday June 20th workshop En pluwill be entitled Psoas as a Core Muscle: For Yoga, Pilates Mat and Gyrotonic® Teachers and will provide an in-depth understanding of how psoas plays a role in core activation and alignment of the spine, pelvis and legs.  The Sunday June 21st workshop, entitled Pelvis and Sacrum in Motion, will explore and teach how the spine, pelvis and leg’s interplay of movement is key to pelvis stability and mobility. 



Full two day programme: 420€ or 385€ with early bird discount*

One day workshop: 230€ or 205€ with early bird discount*

*Early bird discount available until March 31st 2015

As well as benefitting from Madeline’s extensive wisdom on the chosen subjects, the workshop will also be PMA-approved, meaning that participants will gain 12 PMA CECs (6 per workshop) from the course towards ongoing Certified Pilates Teacher certification. Participants will also be provided with full course literature.

*Please note that once enrolled, bookings are non-refundable, unless the event is cancelled by Future Form. No travel expenses can be refunded either, so travel insurance is highly recommended.


Saturday June 20th: Psoas as a Core Muscle: For Yoga, Pilates Mat and Gyrotonic® Teachers

In this workshop accessible to teachers of Yoga and Gyrotonic, as well as Pilates, Madeline will teach how to find the psoas, release and recruit it, and see how it affects the alignment and core strength. Balancing the psoas can improve breathing, release spinal tension including the neck and hip joints. Madeline will also demonstrate how other muscles and bones are moved synergistically with the psoas.

Workshop Objectives

•  Learn location and function of the psoas and the relating structures
•  Define an imbalance of psoas and its affect on posture, and movement potential
•  How psoas activation deepens core recruitment and release tension of hip flexors
•  Exercises to retrain dysfunctional recruitment patterns while standing, sitting, lying on the mat
•  Small props will be used such as blocks, bolsters, phsyioballs and rollers


Workshop Outline

9-10am: Anatomy lecture; define psoas through posture, core and breath
10-11am: Feeling for psoas, assessing the spine and pelvis
11-11.15am: Break
11.15-12.15pm: Release and Balance techniques
12.15-2pm: Lunch
2-3pm: Practical time
3-4pm: Exercises for balancing and recruiting core fully
4-4.15pm: Break
4.15-5.15pm: Practical time

Sunday June 21st: Pelvis and Sacrum in Motion

In this in depth workshop, Madeline Black will teach how the motions of the pelvis and sacrum from the sacroiliac joint, hip joints and lumbar spine influences how we move. Forward bending, backward bending and twists are limited or excessive due to the structure and function of the sacroiliac joint and the spine’s action. Learn techniques to balance the pelvis, both hands-on and with movement; improving stability and balance with specific mat and Pilates apparatus exercises. Through Madeline’s guided teaching, lecture demonstration, and movement skills each participant will walk away with new techniques creating balance and strength for the pelvis region.


Workshop Objectives

•  Understanding the movement mechanics of the lumbo-pelvic area
•  Learning the sacroiliac joint structural and functional motions
•  Seeing how the spine influences the movement of the sacrum
•  Analysis of nutation and counternutation in forward bending, backward bending and twists
•  Strengthening stability exercises both mat and Pilates apparatus
•  Balancing structure of the pelvis to improve healthy recruitment patterning
•  Guidance for hands-on practice skills, cueing and sequencing
•  Receiving the work on your own body

 Workshop Outline

9-10am: Movement class exploring the motions of the pelvis and sacrum
10-11am: Lecture on the pelvis and sacrum anatomy and motion: forward, backward, side bending and twists
11-11.15am: Break
11.15-12.15pm: Observing and assessing the pelvis, defining imbalances, movement for correction and stability
12.15-2pm: Lunch
2-3pm: Lab time for pelvis; Sacrum and lumbar spine movement observations; lumbo-pelvic and sacral motions on the reformer
3-4pm: Hip joint assessments and motions that influence pelvis; quadruped hip joint motion
4-4.15pm: Break
4.15-5.15pm: lab time, practice

About Madeline Black

madeline-black-at-future-form-niceMadeline Black has garnered an international reputation for her excellence and vision as a Pilates teacher and thinker in a distinguished career spanning over 25 years in the field of exercise education and research. Madeline’s research and methodology delves into the fields of movement science, osteopathic theory, manual therapy, and energy work, creating an innovative, interdisciplinary approach to Pilates, Yoga and Gyrotonic.

She gives masterclasses across the world at prominent Pilates studios and conventions, with the mission of raising the education and quality of instruction in the Pilates industry. Madeline is also the Owner/Founder of Studio M Pilates in Sonoma, California, USA. For a more comprehensive insight into her teaching and background, please visit her personal website.


Coming to Nice

future-form-nice-genericFuture Form is situated right in the heart of Nice, with the beach, the beautiful old town and the main shopping district all right on our doorstep. June is an absolutely stunning time to visit Nice, and time away from the workshop can be spent enjoying the numerous cultural and culinary delights that the city has to offer, swimming in the warm azure of the Mediterranean, or by simply soaking up the Riviera sunshine from a café terrace.

This is an excellent opportunity for all you hard-working Pilates professionals to turn a truly enriching Pilates experience into a much-deserved summer getaway on the Côte d’Azur!

Nice airport is a short 10 minute bus or taxi ride from the city centre, and as the second busiest airport in France, there are an abundance of affordable and frequent flights to and from most major European cities (and many less major ones too!). There are literally dozens of hotels within a five minute walk of the studio, with options to suit every taste and budget.

For any further information regarding your trip to Nice – from things to see and do, to advice regarding travel and hotel booking, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.


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