Take Your Yoga Practice to the Next Level

a workshop with Audrey Anthoni

DATE : Sun January 31st, 10.30am – 12.30pm

PRICE : 30€ (members -25%)

Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for 10 years, 1 year or 1 month, your practice should always be evolving. We become masters by perfecting the basics. There are dozens of cues that can be used for each yoga posture – most likely, in a collective class, your teacher may mention a couple, by which time you’re on to the next pose of the sequence.

If you are interested in experiencing each posture to its full potential through structural alignment and correct breathing, join Audrey for this truly uplifting yoga workshop!

We’ll also break down a couple of arm balances and backbends, to keep the practice fun and interesting, before ending with a vinyasa flow, where we’ll put what we’ve learnt into practice.

This workshop will challenge you and infuse confidence in your practice!

The workshop will last 2 hours, including refreshments and Q&A at the end.

Open to all levels.

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