DATE : Saturday Oct. 8th, 11.30am – 1.00pm & Sunday Oct. 9th, 10.30am – 12.00pm

PRICE : 40€ (members -25%)

Come and discover the art and pleasure of aerial yoga in this workshop with Audrey Anthoni.

The objective will be engage with strengthening and lengthening exercises, without straining articulations or compressing vertebrae.

The lessening of strain and pressure is one of the key virtues of aerial yoga, as the fact of being suspended in the air by the waist and hips allows the participant to perform forward and backward bend with ease, while leaving the feet and hands free to draw the body into deeper stretches and yoga postures.

Working weightlessly through aerial yoga thus allows one to develop greater agility and spatial awareness, and also to work on one’s postural muscles (without perhaps realising it!).

Added to the physical and movemental benefits, perhaps the most satisfying aspect of aerial yoga is the feeling of being wrapped-up in a cocoon. This creates a sensation of heightened relaxation, in which physical and psychological tension can be evacuated

The workshop will last one and a half hours, with refreshments and Q&A at the end.

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