A New Season at Future Form and Plenty to Get Excited About!

We have plenty of new things to get excited about this September rentrée! Our aim is to constantly improve and develop our services to better cater for our clients, so read on to see what’s new and we’ll hope to see you in class very soon.

Ballet Form Air

Ballet Form Air is a brand new aerial discipline, created by Jenny and launched at Future Form this September.

It is a crossover discipline, based on a fusion of techniques used in Ballet Form, suspension training, Pilates, ballet and other dance methods. Exercises are designed to improve strength, control of movement, flexibility and to give participants that uplifting, flying sensation, which those used to our aerial yoga classes will be familiar with. The class is aesthetically very pleasing and includes a lot of graceful, fluid movements and choreography.

Before launching Ballet Form Air as a regular class on the schedule, we’ll be organising some beginner workshops, so that you can get to grips with the basics.

Once available on the planning as a regular class, as with aerial yoga, classes will be 45 minutes long and open to everyone, provided you aren’t carrying an injury. Ballet Form Air will be accessible to all Fusion Plus and Maxi members, as well as people with a Pilates mat / Ballet Form / Air Yoga à la carte pass.

The first workshop will be taking place on Saturday September 23rd, from 11.15am – 12.30pm. The workshop costs 40€, but all members will benefit from a 15% discount. You can sign-up now by clicking on the below button.


Sign-up for Ballet Form Air Workshop!

New Classes

Future Form’s year-on-year growth continues and we are now able to offer you more classes than ever!

The new classes are as follows :

  • Monday 9.30am – PILATES MACHINE GROUP
  • Wednesday 10am -ZUMBA KIDS
  • Wednesday 12pm – HATHA FLOW YOGA
  • Wednesday 3.30pm – YOGA KIDS
  • Wednesday 7.30pm – ZUMBA
  • Thursday 12pm – PRE & POST NATAL-PILATES
  • Thursday 7.30pm – YOGA
  • Saturday 11.15am – PILATES MACHINE GROUP

You can view the full planning and book your classes right here on the planning section of our site.

Pilates & Yoga Workshops

As well as the Ballet Form Air for Beginners workshop discussed above, we have a whole series of other Pilates and yoga workshops lined up this Autumn. Here is a list of the workshops that are currently scheduled:

Sat. September 16th, 10am – PILATES MACHINE FOR BEGINNERS
Sat. September 23rd, 11.15am – BALLET FORM AIR FOR BEGINNERS
Sun. September 24th, 10.30am – YOGA FOR BEGINNERS
Sun. October 15th, 10.30am – YOGA HIP OPENING WORKSHOP

More advanced workshops will be scheduled in late October / November, with dates still to be confirmed.

Members benefit from -15% discount on all workshops and you can sign-up for all of the above and get full detail by clicking on the below button:

Sign-up for a Workshop!

Wednesday Kids Classes

Kids classes are coming to Future Form Nice this September, with the following schedule for little ones every Wednesday :

  • Wednesday 10am – ZUMBA KIDS (6-11yrs)
  • Wednesday 3.30pm – YOGA KIDS (8-14 yrs)

The first classes on Wednesday September 13th are free, all you need to do is sign-up your child via the below link, or contact us directly.

The more of you the merrier – we have the ability to add extra Wednesday classes if need be!

Kids Classes Sign-up!

Pre & Post-natal Pilates

From the start of September, we have a mixed pre- & post-natal Pilates machine circuit group class for on the schedule every Thursday at 12pm. If you yourself are pregnant or are in the first year after giving birth, we’d love to see you along for class, otherwise please spread the news among any pregnant friends or new mothers.

New Fusion Maxi Membership

For those of you interested in coming at least 3 times a week, we’ve updated our Fusion Maxi membership, to make it more accessible. A 12 month membership now includes 18 classes and comes at a reduced price of 199€ / month. 

Our popular and more affordable Fusion Simple and Plus memberships remain unchanged, so if you’re thinking of signing up this rentrée, go over to our pricing page to check out all of the options.

Don’t Forget to Download the App!

If you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to download and start using our wonderful app. It allows you to manage your class bookings and account history with consummate ease, you can have it in the language of your choice and has been a big hit so far with clients who are using it.

You can download it right now if you’re reading this on your tablet or smartphone, by following the below button.

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